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Test Scene: Blue Devil [Apr. 10th, 2010|09:55 am]
Bobo the Detective Chimp
The Chimp peers his head over a piece of rubble and looks down at the gathering robed figures in the empty church hall. This wasn't exactly going according to his plan. He was sure he had another four hours before they'd undergo the ritual. The planet alignment wasn't until 4 AM locally.

Damn stupid cultists and their shoddy research. It won't bring forth the big tentacled monster that would eat the world, but they'll probably manage at least a couple of tentacles capable of eating a few city blocks. The city'd likely deserve it for leaving this half-ruined church out here, for evil cultists to gather in and hold their rituals, but the people living here sure wouldn't.

And, of course, his com isn't working, so he can't exactly call for backup.

The chimp cracks his knuckles. If he's going to do this solo, he'd better get to it before they even manage a portal that even a single suction cup can squeeze through. That's the thing about giant betentacled otherworldly beings. They get one tentacle through, and they squeeze as much as they can in.

The chanting below begins to reach a crescendo. They're almost ready. Chimp moves into position, ready to leap down, deal with the cultists, and destroy the book they recovered.
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My turn, too, I guess. [Dec. 29th, 2005|09:53 pm]
Bobo the Detective Chimp
Click here.
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